“Gemma has helped me to improve my online presence and enabled me to make much better use of social media. Her hands-on style suited my particular needs and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn either the basics or the tricks and more advanced elements of using social networking to best effect.” June 22nd 2011, L C, Ipswich

“The mist has cleared – I was already generating business with the help of my social networking activities – however after some expert consultancy advice from Gemma I can do so much more with confidence and the confusion surrounding all those endless features has cleared. Superb tailored support and practical help delivered by a real expert.
If you need to progress your social networking I recommend Gemma.” April 14, 2011. J F, Ipswich.

“Gemma is very good at explaining social media strategy to those of us who either dismiss it (at your peril !) or who haven’t yet started using it, but want to.” April 13, 2011. P G, Sudbury.

“What to say about Gemma? If you wanted to know about how social media can help you she will take you through the process of identifying what you can expect. She will help you formulate your strategy and be at your side setting up the products and processes that fit your needs. If you need help she is there.
Gemma has a way of delivering training that is insightful so you don’t stay confused for long!
As if all this wasn’t enough Gemma works in a “Yes, what is the question” style that is so enthusiastic it is contagious!
Gemma knows what she is doing and she will impart that knowledge to you. You can have your social media marketing up and running in a couple of weeks. Job done!” April 7, 2011 S.W, Sudbury.

“Gemma’s knowledge of Social Media and how to get the best out of using it are second to none. She raised the profile of Roundabout magazine considerably and noticeably increased new business using her social media strategies and insights.” April 5, 2011 E.A, Woodbridge.

“In a two-hour, one-to-one session, at my place of work, Gemma has taken me from beginner status in social marketing to the next level – and with great patience and in non-technical language. We are all told that we should be tweeting, on Facebook etc and now I have some great tips and ideas to develop this form of networking further.” March 28, 2011 R.S, Felixstowe.

“Gemma knows her stuff and was really helpful when I needed advice about Facebook.” March 25, 2011 A.W-M Bishop Auckland


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