How to get more ‘likes’ on your Facebook page.

You’ve taken the plunge and started a facebook page – the challenge now is to get some people to like it, and to begin with this can seem very hard and you may feel a little unloved if your likes are still in single figures.

But don’t despair! We all start this way and you can grow your audience!

The first thing to do is to keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity, 5000 people ‘liking’ your page wont do you much good if they are all in America and you sell pet-sitting services in Wales!

With this in mind then work on the fact that facebook is social first, ask your friends and family to have a look at your page and if they think it could be useful to them to like it for you. We often forget that our friends and family may want the products or services we provide, don’t ignore your closest supporters!

With any luck this will get you to 25 followers – the magic number for claiming your facebook profile name!

Once you have reached this stage it’s time to start seriously thinking about the content you are posting on your page – make sure it is useful for your audience. Tips and free info are also helpful but don’t forget to let them know what they can buy from you sometimes too – particularly if you are about to have a sale! In fact as they are your loyalist followers they should know first or maybe get a bigger discount if they quote a code when they are ordering!

Now it’s time to push for a few more followers, again start by asking your friends and family to help, send them a facebook message with the link to your page attached and ask them to forward it to anyone they think will find it relevant. Do thank them for doing this and let them know that if they don’t want to send it or can’t think of anyone to send it too that’s quite alright!

You can also ask your current followers to do the same – you may even want to make this into a competition. Maybe you could give a prize to them person that gets you the most followers?

Another way to grow your page is to promote it within groups on Facebook and LinkedIn – do make sure that you are targeting this though, a large number of followers won’t help if they are just doing it to get you to ‘like’ their page back!

Don’t forget to promote it on Twitter too if you have an account there – stick to the same rules, don’t spam but do mention it once in a while, particularly if you have got a competition or offer happening or if you have just given away some particularly juicy advice!

Lastly, why not offer a bit of reciprocal promotion? You promote someone else’s page and get them to promote yours in return! Keep it to pages you think your audience will benefit from. For example if I ran an animal photography business I would team up with other local businesses that offer services for animals, whether it’s dog-sitting services, collars and pet-accessories or maybe the local vet surgery, this way you’re both adding value to your audience and any additional ‘likes’ you get from it are likely to be relevant! Obviously you don’t want it to be spammy so make a feature of it and keep it to either a page a week or a page a month.

I hope you’ve found this useful – for more information or assistance please get in touch!


About GemLThompson

Gemma Thompson is the author of the best-selling “The British Book of Social Media Marketing”. She is a full time social media consultant and loves helping businesses grow. When she’s not working she can often be found watching Dr Who with her teenage daughter or indulging in a spot of inept D.I.Y (but no, she still hasn’t managed to make her house bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!)
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