Getting your Blog read!

Lately I have noticed that I use facebook notes in a way few others do. I use it as an extra blog.

I do this for a reason, and it goes back to my training as a fifteen year old shop assistant.

When I was fifteen I was lucky enough to work in an independently owned craft supplies shop. My boss was passionate about customer service and one of the many habits he ingrained in me was getting out from behind the counter.

Whenever a customer was looking for something in our little Aladdin’s cave, we came out from behind the counter and took them over to it. We were also in the habit of delivering ordered items to peoples homes if they couldn’t get into the shop for a while.

The lesson it taught me was I suppose to go the extra mile for others, so these days when I write a blog post I actually don’t post it to my blog until I’ve posted it as a note on facebook and as a discussion topic in linkedin. I make it as easy as possible for people to read, I don’t make people shlep around the Internet for it!

You may wonder why I have a blog as it’s the last thing I update, well I use it as an archive in a sense – a real web-log!

If someone has read something in one of my posts that has sparked an interest they can click onto my blog to find out more, the articles there are listed in categories so it’s easier to explore than scrolling through the archives of facebook notes!

It might mean that the stats on my blog are lower than on other peoples, but it also means more people read my posts and more importantly engage with me … And that to me is what blogging is all about!


About GemLThompson

Gemma Thompson is the author of the best-selling “The British Book of Social Media Marketing”. She is a full time social media consultant and loves helping businesses grow. When she’s not working she can often be found watching Dr Who with her teenage daughter or indulging in a spot of inept D.I.Y (but no, she still hasn’t managed to make her house bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!)
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4 Responses to Getting your Blog read!

  1. interesting, really!

  2. Gareth Jones says:

    Great idea, thanks.

  3. Reinaldo M says:

    I like your post. I will visit your blog and start reading some of your posts. I’m not sure but we might have a similar topic on our blogs. I just started mine a week ago. I’m writing about learning of life in the internet. As I learn, I share with readers. It seems you got some interesting lessons I can learn from.

    • Hi Reinaldo,

      Just looked at your blog and you are right – we do have some symmetry, but we’ve also looked at things in a different way so I’m delighted you shared with me as I can also learn from you!
      I will look forward to following your journey and keeping in touch with you 🙂

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