Blogger’s Block!

I am suffering from bloggers block! I have around fifteen pieces that I want to write, and I really do want to write them but I’m not doing it.

So why not, what is it that stops us from writing?

There are several reasons, a friend of mine sent me an email about a recent blog post saying that she keeps planning to do a blog but is a ‘bit nervous about it as a lot of us are.’

I understand that, almost every post I write seems to start with me thinking ‘this is pointless, I’m going to be boring everyone stupid and they’ll probably think I’m just a nonce as surely everybody already knows all this’

But then I get lovely comments and emails and I am reminded again that I know things that other people don’t and it is helpful to share that knowledge, just as you and everyone else does.

Another thing that gets in the way is research. Sounds odd perhaps but I can get so caught up in the pursuit of knowledge and checking my facts that I’m not actually writing. Research is important, very, but half the point of blogging is capturing what is useful now. Knowledge of every form evolves, it always has. Write now and re-write when things change.

And then there is the choice, we are in an incredible position in these times of having information and inspiration literally floating around us for us to pick and choose from. Sometimes that choice is hard.

What’s the solution? For me there is just one, and that is too just start, just write, everything else will fall into place.

But if you have any other ideas or techniques that work for you please let me know, I would love to hear them.


About GemLThompson

Gemma Thompson is the author of the best-selling “The British Book of Social Media Marketing”. She is a full time social media consultant and loves helping businesses grow. When she’s not working she can often be found watching Dr Who with her teenage daughter or indulging in a spot of inept D.I.Y (but no, she still hasn’t managed to make her house bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!)
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